How to Become Google Developer Expert on Machine Learning

İrem Kömürcü
4 min readJun 23, 2022


Hello everyone! This time, I wanna write about “How to become Google Developer Expert on Machine Learning”. This article contains my experience in being Google Developer Expert program process.

I announced my Google Dev Expert news with this tweet on March 31. After that I took many messages like how you become GDE, how was process and how was questions, etc. Then I wrote this article ❤

You can access this tweet with this link:

GDE process has 3 steps:

  1. Application Document and first Evaluation Step
  2. Community Interview
  3. Technical Interview

Also, you can access the directory and GDE’s name, here

  1. Application Steps

The first and most important step is the application step. This step needs your detailed information about the community, technical skills, and who are you

First of all, you should fill out the application page. This page contains:

  • Short bio: This section looks at this question: who you are? You should introduce yourself, your experience, and your career/community goal for the future.
  • Reason for Applying: This section searches this question: “Why do you want to become GDE?” You should answer why you are applying reason to your plan and dreams
  • Category: GDE program has many categories for applications like Flutter, Machine Learning, Google Cloud Platform, Angular, Go, and more
  • In-person impact — Activity: You can fill in the document with your speaker activity, impact detail, etc. For example, I have many talks and workshop activities, and I listed all of them on my website. I fill this area with my talks and workshops activity.
  • Content Creation: Have you any content about technology and community? You can fill this section with your contents. You can fill your every content with name, date, and impact details. For example, I have many articles on different platforms and I filled these contents.
  • Project Portfolio: Your project details for here. You can fill your every project in this area. For example, I have a different project on Github, on articles and I showed references for my project and listed them where necessary.
  • Social Links: You can give your social media address in this area.

2. Community Interview:

This step is the first one-to-one interview for the GDE program. The interview can be one Google employee or a Google Developer expert. The general topic is drawing about community;

  • Your career/community story
  • Community contribution
  • Why do you want to be GDE?
  • How is your plan after being accepted GDE program, etc

Also, the interviewer can ask technical background questions in this interview step. But general topic drawing about community contributions.

If you can pass this step after that next step will be a Technical Interview 🎉

3. Technical Interview:

This step is the last one-to-one interview step for the GDE program. The technical interview step is aimed at getting to know you completely technically.

If you can pass the community interview step, you will see mail like this. This mail is for congrats and a new merge with an interviewer. My interview was with a Google Brain TensorFlow team employee and I passed.

What is your applying category? All questions will be about your technical category. For example, my category was Machine Learning and all questions came about Machine Learning.

I can not give questions about interviews but I can say that questions are like hiring interview questions. My interview question was based on ML mathematics and some question was hard and selected.

Okay, then? If you can pass all of the steps, congrats, and party time! 🤪 You will take a Welcome mail then you should fill the last document for rules. And, YOU ARE NOW OFFICIALLY A GDE!

My process was great and I hope I can explain all processes of GDE. If you have any questions, feel free to access me!

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